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Office Seating Surrey

No other part of office design has more of an influence on productivity, morale, and even staff retention than quality seating.

An excellent, ergonomically balanced chair is at the centre of an employee's working life, and by extension, it provides the very backbone of the office environment.

Back injury is one of the biggest triggers for staff sickness in the UK, so investing in quality seating is a vital way to safeguard employee health. For this reason, we ensure all our operator chairs are 'active', designed to promote movement, support the back, and reduce injury caused by bad posture.

We are extremely knowledgeable about the latest research into posture and furniture design, and so can advise you on the best options for your office. But because comfort is extremely personal, we can send you sample pieces for you to test out yourself.

We are a strong advocate of the Orangebox 'Comfort Zone' approach, which is specially tuned to the needs of a new generation of workforce which is highly mobile and needs a '3rd Space'. Collaborative working is a major catalyst for innovation, and our vision for seating is built around this desire to bring work and home environments together.

We are an independent dealer of all the top brands, and along with Orangebox, we supply Steelcase, HAG, Verco, Senator, Connection Seating and Boss Design. Our extensive range includes everything from break-out pieces like sofas, to executive and meeting room chairs.


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